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Gym access 24/7 and program options day and night. Programs are based on membership level starting with our Essential Membership that includes the Quick Smash Workouts.

Personal Training

One-on-one Personal Training: *By appointment only* If you want to deepen your boxing game, get a competitive edge, work on one detail of your technique, or personally work with one of our coaches to customize your training; THIS IS FOR YOU.

Why train at Jungle Gym?

Jungle Gym is the first of its kind in Duluth. Never before has there been a place you can get a boxing workout any time, any day, around the clock. I can’t tell you how many times I heard potential gym members tell me that my boxing hours don’t match up with their availability. It saddens me to have them walk away because of gym hours. In a way, I feel like I’m letting them down. The 24/7 availability is what I’m most excited to launch.

Second, I believe everyone should feel comfortable defending themselves if they had to and everyone should be in good enough physical shape to physically survive hardship, they had to. That’s what we’re about here, teach everyone to fight and give everyone a foundation to live a healthy life.

The backbone of Jungle Gym is teaching the art of boxing. It’s what we’re good at and have a long tradition of success. Along with that is developing grit within our members, and teach them how to live out the way of the champion. Something unique about Jungle Gym is it’s not my gym. It’s OUR gym. It belongs to all the members that make up the community within it. Jungle Gym is more than a physical place. It’s a culture. A culture that teaches the value of healthy competitiveness and the rewards of achieving goals.

The word Jungle is a metaphor I like to use to describe life. Life is random at best and we need to be ready for the unexpected. Not just in self-defense, but just trying to get ahead and provide for our families.

The bridge between reality and your dreams is WORK and we are here to help you do that.

Join today and begin the journey of reaching your full potential.

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Support Jungle Gym Duluth

Thank you for taking interest in Jungle Boy Boxing Gym’s youth boxing program. Your donation will be used to eliminate the financial barriers that prevent kids from exploring their skills in boxing. Every kid needs their own boxing equipment; Gloves, Hand Wraps, and Boxing Shoes. The funds will also help with our competition travels. Getting experience in boxing requires a lot of traveling. Traveling is a major expense every year. Thanks for believing in the good work we do to help kids through teaching the art of boxing.

Zach Walters-Head Coach


Our Programs & Member Options


Receive a FREE pair of Boxing Glove and Hand-wraps when you sign up for a 3 month commitment to learn boxing. Special will continue as long as supplies last. We have 20 sets of gloves and wraps ready to go. 

Summer 2021 could be “just another summer”, or it could be the summer you learned to box and had fun getting in great shape.

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Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 4:00PM – 6:00PM

This class is designed for competition boxers of all ages and experience levels. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have experience. If you want to compete, this is where you learn to do it right.  Jungle Gym Boxing Academy is Jungle Boy Boxing Gym renamed. The class is run by Zach Walters and Mike Bockovich. These two have been all over the nation with their boxers and love to bring out the champion within you.

Part of that success is an academic approach to teaching the art of boxing. They teach all boxers the way of the champion where boxers learn the essence of continual improvement and pushing their limits. Whether in training, or competition, boxers are trained to give their best. With competition we win or we learn. The only responsibility of the boxer is to be ready to compete at their best. The result of winning is never guaranteed. What is guaranteed is each boxer is ready to compete at their personal best!

Zach Walters
Mike Bockovich

Not all boxers will become champions, but while they are under our supervision, they will learn to embrace a spirit of consistently giving their best work in and out of the ring. Our coaches have taught the Art of Boxing for over a decade. Within that time, they have helped boys grow into men and become champions.

Jungle Gym Boxing Academy is an unforgettable experience. Our coaches know the journey to becoming a champion. Mike Bockovich is a 2-Time Golden Gloves Champion. Zach Walters was a Golden Gloves Champion and won several championships as a professional boxer. They have a proven method how to lead their boxers to their best work.

Evan Wrazidlo
Boxing Coach & Jungle Gym Manager

Evan Wrazidlo joined the leadership team at JungleGym in January 2021.  As a boxer, Evan was on the “Tomorrow’s Champions” competition team and finished out his amateur boxing career rated #8 in the United States. He is also a 2017 Upper Midwest Golden Gloves Champion and a 2x Jack O’Brien Boxing Invitational Champion.

Evan grew up in Duluth and is a Duluth Denfeld Graduate. After High School he enrolled in college at North Central University in pursuit of a degree in Christian ministries. Evan is one of the most accomplished boxers to come out of our boxing program and we are blessed to have him return in a coaching capacity.

Alissa Boltz
Boxing Coach

Alissa Boltz has been with JungleGym Boxing Academy since 2019. She’s a dedicated competition boxer and loves teaching the art of boxing.

Alissa got into boxing in 2015 after hearing about a “Lady’s Night Kickboxing Class” at the shake shop in former Lorenzi’s Gym in Proctor, MN. After the first class she was hooked and quickly transitioned to the cardio boxing classes that were offered at the gym.

“I was doing it specifically as a good workout, to get stronger, and more in shape.” ~Alissa

After 10 months of cardio boxing Alissa decided to step it up another notch and began training for competition. She had her first match a year later. Since then, Alissa has been actively competing for 4 years.

What does Alissa like most about boxing?
“I like that boxing is a fun way to get a really good workout in. Boxing has changed my life for the best. It keeps me active, focused, determined, and goal driven. Boxing has brought me self confidence. It has taught me perseverance and great discipline.”
“My goal is to become a 2021 golden glove champion. I also have a dream of becoming a pro boxer someday. Lastly, I want to share my love and knowledge of boxing to others, by coaching.”

Outside of boxing Alissa enjoys running marathons and has a goal to run a marathon in all 50 states. Every year she get knocks out a few more states. Alissa is ambitious to say the least!!!!
We look forward to seeing you in the gym!


Monday, Wednesday, Friday 6:30AM – 7:30AM

Start your day right! Embrace the intensity of survival and the chase of the hunt…

Lion and Gazelle:  Every morning in Africa, a gazelle wakes up. It knows it must run faster than the fastest lion or it will be killed. Every morning a lion wakes up. It knows it must outrun the slowest gazelle or it will starve to death.It doesn’t matter if you’re the gazelle or the lion. When you wake up you better be ready to survive!

This class is taught by Zach Walters. The class started out with just Zach training on his own to stay in shape and keep a completive edge.  Then a few buddies started to train with him and a couple months later a full out class was born. These workouts are fun and challenging. They are put together with many of the training methods used to prepare the pro boxers for competition. A new work out is there to meet you every day you show up to train.

Make these workouts a part of your weekly morning routine to make your fitness goals a reality. I guarantee you will see results. Not only will you get in great shape, but you will also gain a foundation of legit boxing skills.


*By appointment only*

If you want to deepen your boxing game, get a competitive edge, or work on one detail of your technique THIS IS FOR YOU. With a personal training session, you can get much deeper training and speed up your results. The Jungle Gym classes will teach all you need over the course of time. Some pick it up faster than others and that’s fine for some people, but other athletes want faster results. If that’s you, a personal boxing session is what you’re looking for.  Each session is roughly an hour but could be longer depending on what’s required to meet your needs.  

Here’s how it works:

  1. First, consult with your trainer to establish training goals and outcomes.
  2. Next, develop a strategy to achieve your goals.
  3. Then, schedule your session.

Contact your personal training coach here:

Zach Walters


Danny Huffman


Jesse Walters


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Jungle Gym Academy This class is designed for competition boxers of all ages and experience levels. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have experience. If you want to compete, this is where you learn to do it right.  Jungle Gym Boxing Academy is Jungle Boy Boxing Gym renamed. The class is run by Zach Walters […]

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